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  • Aly K.
    If you haven't heard of him, you will soon. Before you even sit down in the waiting room someone has already greeted you with a warm smile. Once you take a seat in the relaxing chair, he spends a few minutes conversing with you. Being considerate of your time, he completes the work in a timely fashion. These are the things Dr. Dhoon will deliver on. Being respectful of the client's time, friendly, honest and does great work!
  • Jim P.
    Dr Dhoon did several dental procedures for me over the course of a couple of years. Everything was painless, including the injections for numbing. He made me feel that he cared about me both as a patient and as a friend.
  • Chris V.
    Dr. Dhoon is extremely knowledgeable and professional and he makes it easy to be his patient. I was in need of 2 implants and he mapped out the process for me and made me feel comfortable. Dr Dhoon is also well versed in many different aspects of dentistry which is convenient!
Our Focus Is On Prevention
Preventive care is the focus of our practice. We believe that excellent preventive care can help you avoid most common dental health concerns, including decay and periodontal disease. We’ll work with you to provide education to improve your home-care routine and comprehensive examinations to catch any developing problems quickly, when they can be treated with comfortable, inexpensive, and conservative methods.
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Invisalign in Greeley, CO


invisalign greeley coAt Greeley Dental Care, we take a comprehensive approach to provide you with dentistry of the highest caliber.

Part of your oral health depends on having a healthy, comfortable bite. In fact, a straight smile is actually better for your oral health and promotes proper function of your teeth and jaws.

Wearing brackets and wires for years on end isn't appealing for some, and many patients wonder how orthodontics will fit into their lifestyles. That is why Dr. Taher Dhoon provides his patients with a convenient alternative.

Invisalign for the Function and Beauty of Your Smile

Clear aligner systems, like Invisalign, provide patients with a discreet, comfortable, and realistic solution for straightening their teeth. It works best for older teens and adult patients who feel that traditional orthodontics might not be a good fit.

Invisalign aligners feature completely clear trays that you wear for two weeks at a time before switching to the next in the series. Each set of aligner trays brings your smile closer to its ideal alignment. The best part is that they are both comfortable and removable!

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

invisalign greeley coUnlike bracket-and-wire orthodontics, Invisalign aligner trays are virtually invisible. They also provide many other convenient benefits that make orthodontic treatment more accessible for our patients.

Smooth and comfortable –You will avoid the irritated gum tissue that often accompanies traditional orthodontics because Invisalign eliminates rough edges and uncomfortable adjustment appointments.

Removable for eating your meals and cleaning your teeth – You will not have any dietary restrictions during treatment. You can remove your trays to eat, so you don’t have to avoid your favorite foods or the fresh fruits and crunchy vegetables that can break wires or damage brackets.

Completely discreet – You do not have to worry about a sprig of parsley in your brackets because you don’t have them! Crystal clear aligners allow our patients to straighten their teeth without the common worries that orthodontics can cause.

Dental Care during Invisalign Clear Braces Treatment

Following your treatment guidelines exactly will ensure that you complete treatment in a timely fashion. You should wear your aligners for 22 hours per day and make sure to keep your follow-up exams on schedule. This gives Dr. Dhoon the opportunity to make sure treatment is progressing properly.

Clean your teeth regularly. Good home care is essential to your overall oral health. Brushing, flossing, dental exams, and professional dental cleanings are the best insurance for a healthy smile. Once your teeth are straight, make sure to ask Dr. Dhoon about the teeth whitening options he offers. This will really showcase your new and beautiful smile.

Clean your aligner trays with lukewarm water and a mild detergent designed for dental appliances. Don’t forget that leaving your trays in a hot car can distort them, making them useless.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Contact our Greeley dental office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Taher Dhoon and discover if a straight, comfortable smile with Invisalign clear braces will be right for you.