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What our patients say about us
  • Aly K.
    If you haven't heard of him, you will soon. Before you even sit down in the waiting room someone has already greeted you with a warm smile. Once you take a seat in the relaxing chair, he spends a few minutes conversing with you. Being considerate of your time, he completes the work in a timely fashion. These are the things Dr. Dhoon will deliver on. Being respectful of the client's time, friendly, honest and does great work!
  • Jim P.
    Dr Dhoon did several dental procedures for me over the course of a couple of years. Everything was painless, including the injections for numbing. He made me feel that he cared about me both as a patient and as a friend.
  • Chris V.
    Dr. Dhoon is extremely knowledgeable and professional and he makes it easy to be his patient. I was in need of 2 implants and he mapped out the process for me and made me feel comfortable. Dr Dhoon is also well versed in many different aspects of dentistry which is convenient!
Our Focus Is On Prevention
Preventive care is the focus of our practice. We believe that excellent preventive care can help you avoid most common dental health concerns, including decay and periodontal disease. We’ll work with you to provide education to improve your home-care routine and comprehensive examinations to catch any developing problems quickly, when they can be treated with comfortable, inexpensive, and conservative methods.
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How do I know if I am having a dental emergency?

When most people contact us for a Dental Emergencies | Greeley Dental Care, it is because they have experienced some kind of trauma, such as a broken tooth, or they are having tooth pain. Both of these reasons mean it is time to give us a call. We hold a couple of emergency appointments each day so that we can take care of our patients who experience unexpected dental emergencies. 

Calling us right away, at the first sign that something is wrong, gives us the chance to bring you in and address your problem quickly.

A dental emergency appointment will begin by going over any changes to your oral health, including your most recent symptoms. An x-ray will give Dr. Dhoon an image for diagnosis. And an intraoral picture will allow the two of you to see the problem and discuss the options together. Once Dr. Dhoon identifies the problem, he will outline the treatment options available to restore your health and comfort.

Even if you need root canal therapy or a dental extraction, Dr. Dhoon can provide those services right here. In most cases, you will not need a referral to a specialist. Dr. Dhoon provides comfortable treatment when you need it most.

If you have tooth pain, don’t wait! Our Greeley Dental Care team will take excellent care of you.

Patient Testimonial:Great Experience

Met Dr. Dohoon. Good fit for this practice. Same excellent care, great experience. - David Read more