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Gum Diseases

You may have heard that more than half of all adults have some gum disease. What about kids? Kids don’t have to worry about gum disease, even though you might not hear as much about it as you do about adults. Learn more about telling if your child has gum disease and how you can treat or avoid it.Visit Greeley Dental Care for your child’s gum disease.

There are many different types of gum disease that kids get

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can be caused by many different things. People with kids have a few more types than people without kids. Another common type of gum disease in kids, especially adolescents, is called “aggressive periodontitis,” which can be very bad.

The first signs of gingivitis are usually very swollen or puffy gums. The gums are generally swollen and painful as soon as a plaque builds up. In time, the plaque turns into tartar, which is hard and attracts bacteria. This makes the gums irritated and inflamed.

Kids can get gingivitis if they don’t properly clean their teeth

An aggressive form of gum disease is different from other types of gum disease. Even if someone doesn’t have a lot of plaque buildup, aggressive periodontitis can still happen. 

Another thing about gum disease that is more aggressive in that it grows much faster than other forms of the disease. If it isn’t treated quickly, it can cause bone loss, which can be very bad.

Factors that could make a child more likely to get gum disease

Hormones can play a role in how likely someone gets gum disease. Hormones are going crazy in teenagers and older pre-teens. If you’ve been around them for a while, you know this.The rise in hormones estrogen and progesterone during puberty can make adolescents’ gums more sensitive to irritation and inflammation, making them a little more likely to get gingivitis.

Children may also be at risk for gum disease because of their family history or oral care habits at home.

In kids, getting rid of gum disease can be challenging

Treatment for kids with gum disease varies considerably based on their condition, but there are some general rules. If you have gingivitis, a periodontist is likely to clean the teeth from root to root. Root planing, which goes below the gum line, may be part of the deep cleaning. In the early stages, gum disease isn’t just treatable and can be cured. Most of the time, a periodontist will tell a child who has gingivitis to come back for regular check-ups and extra cleanings, if necessary.

Children with aggressive periodontitis or more advanced forms of gum disease may need to have tissue and lost bone replaced with new tissue and bone as part of treatment. A periodontist can help a child get the best treatment for their teeth based on how much damage there is, what kind of periodontitis they have, and how old they are.

Tips to help keep kids’ gums healthy

Keep your teeth and gums in great shape at home. Parents can show their kids how to brush and floss by doing it with them or before them.

Visiting our dentist in Greeley Dental Care every six months can help parents and kids stay on top of their dental health and cut down on the risk of gingivitis. A dentist will be able to spot gum disease in its early stages when it’s easiest to treat.In the first place, you should make an appointment with a periodontist. A periodontist can look at your child’s teeth and gums, make a diagnosis, and suggest the best way to treat them.

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