When Should I See A Dentist For TMJ?

TMJ treatment

It might be difficult to find time to visit the dentist for TMJ if you lead a busy life. “It probably won’t help anyhow,” you rationalize. Maybe your TMJ symptoms come and go, and you assume you’ll feel better by the time you go in for an appointment. There are several reasons why individuals delay visiting a dentist when they have a TMJ issue, but it is critical to get treatment as soon as possible since the sooner you address your symptoms, the better your prognosis.

When to See a Dentist for TMJ Disorder? 

TMJ problem symptoms might overlap with those of other diseases. If you’ve never been diagnosed with TMD but are experiencing these symptoms, schedule an appointment with a dentist who specializes in TMD treatment:

  • Jaw pain
  • Migraines and tension headaches are examples of headaches.
  • When eating or opening your mouth, you may hear a popping or clicking sound.
  • Teeth that are regularly chipped or broken as a result of abnormal wear
  • Unpleasant bite
  • Pain in the face
  • Tinnitus can cause dizziness, vertigo, and Meniere’s disease.
  • Upper backache
  • Tingling or numbness in the fingers and hands

Maybe your dentist diagnosed you with TMJ condition, but they only provided you with a mouthguard to treat it, which didn’t seem to help. You may believe your condition is hopeless, but consulting a TMJ expert is essential for addressing this issue. Unfortunately, many dentists treat TMJ symptoms in a one-size-fits-all manner, providing mouth guards to all of their patients. These mouthguards are beneficial when TMD is caused by nightly jaw clenching or teeth grinding, but they do not treat a variety of other reasons for TMJ pain. 

The Difference Between a General Dentist and TMJ Specialist:

A TMJ expert will investigate the root causes of your ongoing discomfort. Only by determining the source of your discomfort can it be cured. This is why so many individuals struggle to obtain relief from TMJ problems.

We can build a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements after we discover why you’re suffering TMJ pain. At Greeley Dental Care, we understand that while your discomfort may begin in your jaw, it may affect your entire body, which is why we treat the TMJ problem holistically. Our doctors work with other professionals to tackle your difficulties holistically so you may live your best life.

Greeley Dental Care’s standard treatment approach includes instant pain relief, a Phase 1 therapy to enhance your jaw posture and dental health, and a Phase 2 treatment to address the underlying source of your TMJ problem. We’ve assisted hundreds of individuals suffering from severe TMJ issues in finding long-term relief from their symptoms.

Make an Appointment Right Away!

Taking a “wait and see” approach to the TMJ issue is never a smart idea. Schedule an appointment with a TMJ expert for an assessment to avoid long-term damage to your jaw joints and teeth. Book an appointment with Greeley Dental Care for TMJ treatment today.

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