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Flossing your teeth is essential to maintaining healthy gums and preventing decay between your teeth, but flossing is more than just snapping dental floss in and out between the teeth. Using proper technique when flossing will help you maximize the time you spend in front of the mirror.

Floss Both Sides of Your Teeth

Think of floss as a window squeegee. Move the floss gently up and down on each side of the tooth. The papilla, a small V-shaped piece of tissue in between your teeth can get in the way. Gently work around it to reach the adjacent tooth.

Move the floss as you go. Starting with a 36-inch piece should give you enough length to have a clean and un-frayed piece of floss for each tooth. You can always use more if you need to.

Find Your Starting Place

Start on one side and work your way around. This will ensure that you floss every tooth without missing any. A haphazard approach to flossing may leave some teeth out that really need your attention.

Rinse if Necessary

Flossing your teeth after eating barbecue or fresh corn on the cob can get a little messy. You can always take a break to rinse your mouth and clear out any debris.

Have the Proper Tools

If your teeth are particularly close together, you might need to try waxed floss or even floss ribbon to avoid fraying the floss between teeth. If your teeth have more space between them, you can try woven floss that will get your teeth cleaner. Some varieties even contain fluoride as an added measure against decay.

Floss Every Day

It takes less than a day for plaque to begin to harden into tartar. Skipping flossing can mean a hard build up on your teeth that requires a professional dental cleaning to remove. Cleanings every six months or more will remove tartar from areas that your toothbrush and floss miss.

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