Do you remove wisdom teeth?


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Removing wisdom teeth, also called third molars, is often recommended as a teenager to prevent major dental expense and pain in the future. It is common that wisdom teeth become symptomatic as they erupt or don’t have enough room to erupt properly (impaction). This often occurs during the teenage years, although adults may decide to have them removed if they are causing jaw pain or infection or are pushing against your other teeth.

Wisdom teeth sometimes become impacted. Impaction means that your teeth cannot emerge fully from your gums because there is not enough room or because they are growing in at an angle.

We will take an x-ray of your wisdom teeth to determine if you or your teenager's oral health would benefit from removing them. In most cases, Dr. Taher Dhoon can remove your wisdom teeth in our office comfortably with oral sedation.

If you are fortunate enough to keep your wisdom teeth without complications, remember that taking care of them requires special attention. Their location at the back of your mouth makes them particularly prone to decay, and your gums around them can become infected unless you are diligent with your home care.

If you or your teenager are regular patients, we will identify any problem with your wisdom teeth during your exam and x-ray appointment, but letting us know about symptoms that you experience can help us get you the care you need right away.

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