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Dental Implants in Greeley, CO


Our goal is always to provide you with the highest level of dental care possible. There is never a time that this is more important than when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Missing teeth affect more than just your smile by creating other oral health conditions that affect the future of your smile, such as:

  • Bone loss
  • Additional tooth loss
  • Misalignment
  • Decay
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Decreased ability to eat the foods you love
  • Embarrassing gaps in your smile

Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

In many cases, our patients choose to replace their missing teeth with dental implants because of their many benefits:

  • Bone retention
  • Bite integrity
  • Convenience
  • Stability and durability
  • Natural esthetics

Experience Matters


Dr. Taher Dhoon is highly educated and experienced in dental implant placement and restoration. He studied at the prestigious Misch Implant Institute under the expertise of Dr. Carl Misch, the father of American implant dentistry. 

He has donated his time in the Dominican Republic on two separate occasions, placing and assisting on the placement of hundreds of dental implants and numerous complex bone grafting procedures.

In other words, you will be in great hands when you choose dental implant treatment at Greeley Dental Care!

Dental Implant Treatment

A dental implant actually mimics your natural tooth by replacing the root with a titanium implant post and replacing your tooth with a custom dental crown. Because dental implants integrate with your natural bone, it is usually the most effective and stable solution for your tooth replacement.

Dental implants require a few steps to complete:

  • Surgery
  • Healing process
  • Restoration
  • Aftercare

Most patients tolerate dental implant surgery very well and experience little discomfort. Your dental implant needs time to fully integrate into your bone, a process called osseointegration. This can take three to four months and your patience will be worth the wait!

Once the healing process is complete, we will work with our skilled local dental lab to create a dental implant crown that matches your smile perfectly. Dr. Dhoon will ensure that you have a comfortable fit and proper function.

Caring for Your Dental Implant

Caring for dental implants is easy! You can brush, floss, and take care of your implant just like a natural tooth. Regular dental exams and professional dental cleanings will ensure that your implant is stable and your gums remain healthy. By taking proper care of your dental implant, you can expect years of comfortable service.

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We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you decide if dental implants are right for you. Our team will be happy to schedule an exam with Dr. Taher Dhoon. Together, you can plan for the future of your smile!

Meet Our Doctor


Dr. Taher Dhoon

Dr. Taher Dhoon was born in Utah, where he learned to love the outdoors. He later moved to California, receiving his BA in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego. He went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. While in dental school, random seating placed him next to another aspiring dentist, named Bridget, who would later become his wife. Since graduating, he has earned a Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, has qualified for ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a dental implant compared to a bridge?

A dental implant is essentially a replacement root. With an implant only the missing tooth is being restored without the need for modification of the surrounding teeth. An implant retains the bone that can be lost when a tooth is extracted and there are no longer any chewing forces to keep the bone strong in that area. With a bridge, it is necessary to prepare the teeth on either side of the missing tooth for crowns even if they are perfectly healthy to “bridge” the area of the missing tooth with a false tooth. An implant can be used to replace a far back molar that does not have a tooth behind it to bridge to. Bridges are an excellent restorative choice in many situations and used to be one of the only fixed ways to restore a missing tooth before there were implants but there can be a challenge when cleaning around the bridge and it is important to thoroughly clean under the bridge where the tooth used to be to avoid recurrent decay at the edges of the bridge. Implants are also excellent to restore missing teeth and can be used many times that a bridge can’t. Implants do require an adequate amount of bone to anchor them and may require additional procedures to increase the bone in the area if there isn’t enough to support an implant. Everyone is different. Dr. Dhoon will help you to know what option is best for you.

Why should I consider using implants to retain my dentures?

Dentures are a necessity for many people. The truth is that when you lose teeth, the bone in the area where the missing teeth once were will start to dissolve. When there are no active forces on teeth anchored in the jaw bone, the bone resorbs and goes from healthy and strong to weak and stick thin. Dental implants act as false roots in the jaw and with the chewing forces sustained by the implants during chewing, the bone will stay stronger and healthier. Many people do well with upper dentures due to the arch and palate being like a suction cup although that suction will decrease over time due to bone loss. Where most people experience trouble is with the lower denture that has to contend with the tongue and no suction. It basically has to sit on the ridge of the lower jaw. If there are no implants, that lower ridge recedes more and more as time progresses and can eventually become flat. It can be difficult to chew when there isn’t enough of the ridge left to properly retain a denture. Implants can help to avoid these problems.

Do I qualify for dental implants?

Dental Implants are a great choice for replacing a missing tooth! Finding out whether you qualify for dental implants requires an exam with Dr. Dhoon. He needs to evaluate your oral health and your bone density to determine if you are dental implant ready. Listed below are a few things to consider: Periodontal health – Your gums must not have any active infection before dental implant surgery. If you have gum disease, it can travel quickly to the implant and cause an infection, which may cause dental implant failure. If you suffer from gum disease, we will create a treatment plan to improve your oral health so that you can enjoy dental implant success. Bone density – If you experience tooth loss due to periodontal disease, you may also have bone loss, making dental implant surgery difficult. Dr. Taher Dhoon offers bone grafting to restore your bone, making dental implant treatment possible. This process uses donor bone to replace your bone. The two fuse together and create a stable foundation that supports the dental implant post. Your commitment – Fortunately, dental implants are easy to take care of. You treat them very much like a natural tooth. That means that your commitment to home care, regular dental exams, and professional cleanings are essential to the long-term success of your dentistry. We also recommend a Waterpik for all of our implant patients.