What makes your dental office different?


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At Greeley Dental Care, we take a comprehensive and personalized approach to dentistry by beginning with a complete exam for each of our patients. Dr. Dhoon performs your full exam, takes x-rays and digital photographs, and explains any conditions fully, including all treatment options, to give you a choice in how to proceed.

We see ourselves as educators and partners in your oral health. We maintain excellence in dentistry while keeping our fees affordable. The result is that you can enjoy great value from your investment – dentistry that feels comfortable and looks natural.

We are a privately owned dental practice that does not answer to a corporate office. We provide quality dentistry, use a local lab, and employ skilled staff who make patient care their number one priority.

Dr. Dhoon stays on the leading edge of dentistry by prioritizing continuing education and training in expanded services such as root canal therapy, dental implant placement, extractions, invisible braces, snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ treatment. This provides our patients with convenience and comfort since the vast majority of their needed dentistry can be completed in their home dental office.

We are a community-based dental office, which prides ourselves on giving straightforward answers because integrity is a core value at Greeley Dental Care.

Our vision is to fill our practice with like-minded families from the surrounding communities who appreciate excellent dentistry and outstanding patient care.

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